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Nowadays everyone plays online games. That is video games  played through the internet. Online video games are designated from simple to complex structures. Communities are created in games which represent real life communities.

World of Tanks is an online game which is highly popular all over the world. Billions of people play World of Tanks and It has become viral. It is very easy to play World of Tanks. You can play alone or with a small team of up to 4 people. Four million people register their accounts each month. It’s a highly internet data consuming game and people become addicted to it.

As i already hear about World of Tanks i decided to play World of Tanks. It was my first experience. I made my account and started to play World of Tanks. It’s a lot of enjoyment, I feel the real world inside the game. 

Nowadays it has become very easy to download and play games. You can download games on your pc its a very convenient method. You can also download game on your android phones. World of Tanks is source of entertainment. When you play World of Tanks you complete the levels and step by step it becomes difficult. As you play games furthur you face problems and by solving them you could promote on the next level. But World of Tanks is a highly addictive game, people start to ignore their necessary work. Which is very harmful. 

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