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Tesla cyber truck|Tesla cyber truck specifications

Tesla cyber truck

Every year Tesla launched a number of models of different vehicles. The value of tesla’s vehicle is also more and liked by the people. Today I will discuss the cyber truck manufactured by Tesla. Tesla cyber truck interior

Cyber truck is composed of advance technology and new features are added in this model. It is an electric battery power vehicle.  If we talk about the interior side of Cyber truck.

There are adjust 6 seats  in the form of two benches. Where 6 to 8 Persons could easily sit comfortably. At front also two seats with centre arms placed inside. Other features like rare view camera etc also included in its features.

Tesla cyber truck interior dashboard

The interior size of this vehicle is specious. The dashboard which is made is very smooth and nice. Its surface is unique and looks like a marble. The material of dashboard is more unique and made up of different things.

 It is made up of paper composite that is prepared by papers, fibers that made of wood, naturally occurring wood material and resins that are made by non petroleum material.

Tesla cyber truck interior price

Tesla delivers its  products in the market that are affordable or in manual range. So the price of cyber truck is present in three different ranges. So it means people bought vehicles, according to their budget.The entry level rear model cars are available in the price of $39,000.

 The middle range vehicles prices are starting from $49,000. And the highest range car also called as triple motor range prices are $69,000. So those are three categories of cyber truck prices.

Tesla cyber truck specifications

As more versions of cyber truck are available in the market so the same features are specifically included in cyber truck. Rather than other models cyber truck consists of fully self driving software. Due to that features 800 US$ added in the price of this model.

Permanent magnet motors are used in cyber truck.So the three versions of cyber truck are available with distinguished features like battery timing, etc. Those also covers different miles per day. Single motor sea or truck cover 250 mile per day easily.

Then a dual motor truck covers 300 miles distance and triple motor cyber truck easily cover 500 miles distance.

Tesla cyber truck weight and length

Unlike other Tesla’s it offers more space. The interior size of cyber truck is more wide and long. More people are easily adjusting on double seats. The height of this vehicle is 75 meters, and the length 231.7 meter. So it is larger than other vehicles.

 Width of cyber truck is 82 meters, so it enhances its seating area. It also works properly. Power inverters are used that provide electricity 240 volts with out using generators. Body of cyber truck is highly strong in that sense in metal sheet 9 mm caliber bullet can not pass from it.

It is hoped so that in 2021 solar materials will be used in vehicles that will able to drive 15 miles per day.

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